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CHAPTER EIGHT – Love me tender, bartender

  Jimmy was ready to turn off the lights and lock, when Therese stopped him. Don’t turn them all off, she said smiling. Leave a dim light and just lock. Jimmy started to… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER SEVEN – Once a schmuck, always a schmuck

Peter had a date. Unbelievable! Jasmine did call him back after one week, right on time that he was starting to become completely disappointed and discouraged. They agreed on meeting again at the… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER SIX – Bar none

Leo was all over the bar. Sleeping. The bartender did not disturb him. He knew that Leo was working all day, in three different jobs to make ends meet. His father died and… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER FIVE – Little Prince‘s bar

Tony opened this bar forty years ago, when he was still a young and angry fellow. Forty years later, he is still angry. All his costumers know that, and actually they prefer this… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER FOUR- Life is a roll of dice

Peter was around fifty. He used to be a marine. Even now, his body was pretty athletic, even though he was drinking like crazy for the past ten years. Ten years ago his… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER THREE – At the bar “Odalisque”

  It was no big secret that Danny was a drunk. He was a regular at the bar “Odalisque” where Jimmy, the bartender was working night shifts. Danny also worked. As a freelance… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER TWO – Making a fool of yourself

Who would have thought that? None, she answered to herself in a loud voice. None, she repeated one hundred times as she was dragging her poor body from one room to another in… Συνέχεια

CHAPTER ONE – In the bar “All the lonely people”

Therese sat at the corner of the bar. On a seat once covered with mat red leather, now totally worn out. She ordered a usual and leaned forward with anticipation. The bar was… Συνέχεια