CHAPTER SEVEN – Once a schmuck, always a schmuck

Peter had a date. Unbelievable! Jasmine did call him back after one week, right on time that he was starting to become completely disappointed and discouraged. They agreed on meeting again at the bar “All the lonely people”. Peter asked her to bring Therese also if she wanted, they could have a drink and enjoy a loose atmosphere and then they could seek their privacy later on. Jasmine got a bit confused at first, thinking that the fact that Peter asked her to bring a friend maybe meant that he was not interested in seeing her. But after some thoughts, she realized that it was the best proposal ever. After all, she was completely drunk when everything happened, maybe in the sober world she wouldn’t be interested herself for something more.
Therese was more than happy to see them again. It was Friday, so she was going to celebrate the end of the week at the bar, as she did for the past two months.
When Peter entered the bar, he saw Therese sitting on the famous corner stool, Jasmine sitting right across her, with her fine back to the door and in between them there was a manly figure that Peter could not tell who he was. Jimmy was all red and nervous as always but without the familiar warm subtle smile that he had when Therese was around. Something was all wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what. As he approached the girls he had a very unpleasant surprise. Danny, the moron from bar “Odalisque” was there, talking loud about opera and Italian folk music and even shouting to Jimmy to change the music at the bar and put on the cds he had with him, to show the girls how real music sounded like. Peter could not believe it. He said to himself that there was no chance of letting this schmuck ruin their evening. Apparently he got kicked off from “Odalisque” and decided to pay a visit to his old friend after three years. He was making a pass on Therese and could not stop showing off and remembering old bar stories and embarrassing moments of Jimmy. After a few shots and some usual drinks the atmosphere was pretty charged. Danny was totally drunk, and cornered Therese in every possible opportunity. Therese was not feeling well and decided to leave them, with the pretext that she had an early start the next day. Peter told her to sit and asked Danny to leave them. Danny got pretty upset and started to shout at Peter’s face. All of a sudden Jimmy had jumped out of the bar and he was now dragging Danny by the collar, until he kicked him out of the place.
-Don’t come again, he shouted, you are three years late.
When he closed the heavy wooden door behind him, everybody started to clap their hands shouting Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!
Therese found the opportunity to hug him and whisper to his ear thank you. All rounds until closing were on the house. Somebody changed the music. From the old speakers that were hanging from the four corners of the ceiling, the slightly altered voice of John Lennon filled the space singing I look at all the lonely people.
Peter and Jasmine stayed until closing time, and then left to leave Jimmy and Therese alone. They hadn’t said much to each other, but they were pretty happy to be together.
There was not a single cloud on the sky yet, it started to rain.