CHAPTER FOUR- Life is a roll of dice


Peter was around fifty. He used to be a marine. Even now, his body was pretty athletic, even though he was drinking like crazy for the past ten years. Ten years ago his wife died and suddenly he ended up alone, with no friends or family around. He and Sarah had no kids. He stayed in the marine court for another ten years and recently he retired. He was thinking about what to do from now on, and the best places to think were of course his favorite bars. He had spent such good times in the bars the last ten years that he felt these places had actually saved his life.
Opening a bar didn’t sound like a bad idea, but he could never make it alone. He needed a partner, to share shifts, share responsibilities. Of course, he should be someone of trust. The only person he could think of was Jimmy the bartender. He had been a bartender all his life, always working for someone else, and his dream was to finally open his own place, and have some country folk music nights. He hated country folk, but Jimmy was one of a kind, and absolutely worthy of a small step back in the music selection.
Around eight, he was heading for the bar “All the lonely people” where Jimmy was working for 3 years now. Before that, he was working at another bar, bar “Odalisque”, just few blocks away for almost a decade. This is where they first met, but they never had a chance to discuss much, because Jimmy was always busy talking and arguing about music with a regular moron of “Odalisque”, that was so fuckin’ egocentric that had to have the bartender just for himself. What a schmuck! It was only after Jimmy got a job at “All the lonely people” that they discovered they had so much in common, and started to become friends.
Of course there was another reason that Peter wanted to go to “All the lonely people”. Every Friday, the past month, there was this new client, Therese, which had caught his eye. But he felt that maybe Jimmy had a thing for her also, because when she was around he couldn’t speak, or even look at her. And of course, he wouldn’t leave anyone seat at her place. Even if the bar got crowded, he would not allow anyone to occupy the stool at the corner. Today was Friday, so there were high chances that Therese would be there. Even if he decided not to make a move on her, it would be fun to watch Jimmy sweat and blush every time he would have to serve her. He even actually started to drink campari with orange juice when she was not there.
When he made it to the bar, Therese was already there, with a friend of hers, drinking their camparies on the corner of the bar, warming the place with their dazzling beauty and their gargling laughs.
Jimmy all red and nervous, sighted with relief when he saw Peter.
– I have to talk to you, he said.
– I cannot talk today, it will have to wait, Jimmy replied looking down.
– I know, it’s ok. Just put my usual.
– Comin’ right up
– And another round for the ladies
– This will have to wait also, I am afraid. The next round is on the house.
– No problem, Peter said, I am not going anywhere.
Who would have guessed…?