division hand

the lost and the lonely

the found, and even lonelier

the night compromises the loses, black was

always a refuge for the rebelious hearts

for honest liers and never cheaters,

you gamble what you don’t care to lose

you play it safe, with the minimum risk

but life takes revenge with the day

she makes you breathe in the sun

you never forget

the fire in your arms

you never let go

the man you could have been

cowards lie, you know

give empty promises

count their words, one by one

control their reactions

but what about the heartbeat?

what about the sweat?

Life gives you back all your wishes

in a way that you can’t decide

if it’s a bless or a curse

be carefull what you are wishing for

it might come on your way

one night like this

taking over your hills

and castles, robe you off

of all your defences

leave you dry and shy

wondering what the hell happened.


you happened- you

for one fucking night