eternally blue

freedom versus lonelines/

ground versus balconies/

achievements on cv’s/

scars scraped on your memory/

loss/ lost/ lose/ loose

tight junctions/

apprehensions/ overrated meanings/

truth/ compassion/ companionship

passion fruit/ red devils of aggresion

mild suppressions/


love versus love/

atom to atom/

unparallel spins /

cobalt blue dead ends/

the next day is here/

everyone’s waiting

i am gone/

absence as everending presence/

maths were always best 

to describe the odds/

sincerety and serenity equals/

as there were ever a model

for real equalities.

yellow versus smokey grey/

no one wins/

in autumn only the trees are loosing/

leaves/ colours/

perception endeavours/


mirror insight/ inside

who is me anyway/

any who is way me/

so many ways/ anyhow

love versus me/

no one wins/

no one loses/

i am not a tree/

and love is not/

the autumn leaf

spring is my name/

they say/ freedom is/

eternally blue